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          來自Geotech 的新款產品BIOGAS300上市,應用于厭氧領域甲烷分析


          Geotech's new fixed methane monitor is launched into the AD industry


          The development of the BIOGAS 300 came as a result of a noticeable increase in companies within the agricultural industry approaching Geotech with on-farm AD site plants, looking for a simple and robust methane monitoring solution.

          Such a demand for methane only monitoring could be a result of the availability of funding launched in 2014 that is aimed at farmers looking to develop anaerobic digestion biogas facilities on their farms. Geotech's new fixed BIOGAS 300 monitor was developed specifically for this category of farmers - on-farm AD plants that generate typically less than 500kW of energy, and those utilising bio-waste produced by farms, such as manures and slurries.

          The BIOGAS 300 is a single sample point system, measuring CH4 in the range 0-100% typical accuracy plus or minus 2% volume. The monitor can be used throughout the world - its operating temperature range is from 0 to +50C. Benefits:

          1. Zero service downtime, simple module replacement for annual service
          2. Field proven equipment and technology
          3. Simple user calibration
          4. No training required - quick and easy self-installation
          5. Quick return on investment: low cost of ownership
          6. Catch pot and moisture filter designed for simple on-site maintenance and protection
          7. Easy view of live readings
          8. Push one button to read and store data

          Geotech believes that the current interest and positivity surrounding the BIOGAS 300 is due to its quick and easy operation and its zero service downtime.


          Find out more

          To speak to someone about any of fixed monitors please contact Geotech now.

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